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The Edge of the Sword - Kevin Ryan A little slow to start. I wasn't sure about the POV character at first- he kind of got on my nerves until he started interacting with the rest of the Security crew. The action scenes on the planet were very interesting and I was actually more engaged with those stories than I was with that of Kirk and Co. on the Enterprise.I'm a bit annoyed that this story was split into three books instead of being contained in one larger volume- it really feels like a ploy to get more money out of readers as opposed to a good story-telling technique, although this does have the feel of serialized fiction.Not enough Kirk here. I think the Klingon's issue with Kirk was resolved a bit too early. He has this stong belief that Kirk is terrible, that Earthers are horrible and while I understand why he changes his opinion about his fellow Security officers, the Kirk thing felt a bit rushed. It makes me wonder where this is going, as there are two more books in the series.