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A Bad Day for Sorry: A Crime Novel - Sophie Littlefield This was the kind of book that had me hooked from the first page. The character of Stella is so powerfully written that it was almost impossible for me NOT to be drawn to her.I don't always agree with her methods or her reasoning, but Stella gets results. While I don't think the murder of her husband was planned, she discovered something about herself in that moment and used that to help others who, like her, were stuck in abusive relationships. I liked the way that the community, who silence helped keep her in her terrible marriage for all those years, keeps her new secret as well, allowing her to continue on with her work.I really liked Chrissy, at least once I got to know her. She had spunk and she really loved her kid- that was a powerful combination once she got going.There are some issues that I had with the novel. I didn’t care for how quickly it seemed to wrap up. I didn't like Roy Dean's end- it felt too fast and didn't hold the weight that a moment like that should have. I don't even mean that it didn't feel like a big enough loss- I hated the character, so that didn't matter to me. My issue was that the entire scene was brutal and bloody and deadly and YET it didn't feel as dangerous and heavy as it should have.I didn't like Stella keeping Goat out of it for as long as she did. It just felt like such a bad decision, even thinking about all the laws that Stella had broken. Chrissy's son's life was on the line and Stella was still thinking about herself, no matter how she tried to sell it as "taking too much time" to go through proper channels.However, despite those issues, I did really enjoy the book. In fact, it felt like the beginning of a series and I hope it is. Chrissy and Stella make a powerful team and they were a heck of a lot of fun to watch as they solved the mystery. I liked Goat and I like that he covered for Stella. I think they were totally cute and would love to see more of the budding romance between the two of them.So, great book with just a few flaws and the hope here that this will become a series. I recommend this one highly!