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A Reason To Believe - Diana Copland I really liked this one.The mystery was pretty great and was balanced well with the paranormal/supernatural elements and the romance in the book.I felt like the romance was handled very well, especially since it was dealing with the loss of a beloved partner and the introduction of someone new (as opposed to an old friend moving into the role of lover).I did find it a bit odd that it was a romance entirely from Matt's POV, although I am used to read fanfic written this way. You just tend to get published romances with both sides of the story. HOWEVER, I do think that there was the element of "is this real" to the book that would have been ruined if we had seen it from Kiernan's perspective. We had to remain in Matt's head if the author wanted to leave any doubt about Kiernan's abilities, etc.I felt like the mystery was wrapped up well and that the danger was true to the circumstances the author put the characters in. I was concerned for their safety but it didn't feel like they were over their heads or in situations that felt too crazy- even when they ended up at the house, it did feel like something that could have happened and was believable.My biggest complaint is not enough sex, but then again, what we got was REALLY hot. They don't hook up until chapter 12 or 13, I think, but once they do, it is SMOKING HOT. Really great sex scene, but that's about it. There's another scene after that pretty good as well but not really a sex scene, per se. The plot line is very tight and doesn't really have room for a lot of messing around without making the boys look like jerks for screwing around while poor dead Abby is waiting to be avenged, so I get it but on the other hand, this is a romance novel so there are certain expectations when buying a book of the nature. This is where I am really torn, here, because there are things that I really wanted that are butting up against things that I know I can't or shouldn't have due to the demands of the story.I'm also a little torn on where the book ended. Yes, it was a good place for the book to stop, in terms of storytelling. Everything was wrapped up and the boys were in a good spot, relationship-wise. They planned to move forward so we got our Happily Ever After (at least for now). But I would have loved to see more, which is always a sign that the characters and the world was a good one.Personally, I think this is a great set up for a series. I can totally see Matt leaving the department to work with Kiernan, to solve crimes across the country. Matt could be Kiernan's liaison with various police departments who are hesitant to work with him. Matt has experience and the ability to say, "look, I was you once and and trust me, it's worth all the shenanigans to just work with the guy." I'd love to see that happen. (hint, hint)In the end, this is one I highly recommend and encourage you to pick up ASAP.