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The Black Hawk

The Black Hawk - Joanna Bourne I LOVED this book. Every bit of it, I adored.The characters were fantastic. I was a bit worried, as this is book 4 (I think) of a series that I hadn't read any of the other books in and yet I wasn't lost. In fact, I'm going back to read the other three books because what I read was so satisfying.The author's prose is really wonderful, the dialogue just stunning. It felt very real, like what two people would actually say to each other if they were in this situation.I found the initial sex scene to be very hot and very emotionally satisfying. Ms. Bourne didn't allow Hawk to "fix" Justine with sex, but he gave her new memories to put in front of the old ones, and that helped her move forward in her life. That felt true and honest, at least to me. I also liked that she came to him first. He wasn't trying to convince her that he could help, in fact, he didn't say anything about sex at all until she brought it up.And they were such a sweet, sexy couple, even if they didn't see it themselves. Ugh. This was fabulous. I even enjoyed the intrigue, which is normally not my cup of tea. I loved it through their eyes and their experiences and it was just fun to watch these characters be SO GOOD at their jobs and so bad at seeing how much they loved each other. The fun part, at least for me, was knowing that they'd figure it out eventually and they did. *sigh*I originally got this book from the library, but I will be buying this ASAP. This will be one that I re-read, for sure.