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Icecapade - Josh Lanyon I loved this book. Too short but a lot of fun.Just a theory but I'm thinking the author is a White Collar fanboy and instead of writing fanfic, wrote this. Neal morphs into Noel, Peter into Robert and funny enough, there is still an "El", even though she's only at the beginning.I think this was a lot of fun and I wished there had been more. I almost wish that there had been a crime that had been committed so that Noel and Robbie would have to solve it together to clear Noel's name.But, looking at what this story was and not what it could have been, I still loved it. I loved that Noel was so kind to help his neighbors, even with Robert under foot. I loved that Noel kept writing about Robert because he missed him. I loved that Robert left the FBI and went to find Noel because he still had feelings for him.I'm a sucker for the old-lovers-reunite story line and this really hit those buttons for me.