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Prince Joe (Tall, Dark and Dangerous Series #1)

Prince Joe - Suzanne Brockmann I liked Joe, very much. Veronica, I was a bit less sure about.This book suffered from the "misunderstandings, all the time" plot that many romances seem to fall victim to. If only they had been able to clearly express their feelings, much of the drama here would never have happened. You might argue that there wouldn't have been a book without that plot point but I disagree- Joe being a SEAL is certainly a huge issue for the couple to get over and I think the mystery aspect could have been expanded.Granted, this IS a romance and that has to be the central focus of the book. But nothing dictates what KIND of romance this book needs to be. I am not a fan of the romances where the hero says something and the heroine misinterprets it and gets all mopey and then she says something, and he takes it the wrong way. Eventually things come to a head and they work it out and they feel a combination of relieved that their perceptions were wrong but kind of bad that they wasted so much time believing the wrong things.Annoying, is what it is. The fact that I really, really liked Joe made up for a lot, as did Alpha Team. Spending time with those guys was a blast and I actually want to read more in this series based on that alone. Ultimately, I think the terrorist plot was a bit tacked on. It was clearly just an excuse for this book to take place and the big action sequence at the end felt rushed and tacked on. Brockmann certainly gets better with building the suspense and paying it off with her later books and I can forgive this earlier effort, if only because I know where she's heading.I recommend this book for Brockmann completists.