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Night and Day (A Jesse Stone Novel)

Night and Day (A Jesse Stone Novel) - Robert B. Parker I love Parker's writing. I'm more a Spencer girl than a Stone girl but I'll read it all. I wish I could give this 3.5 stars because I love the people in his books but the plot and the mystery aren't always the best.This book was interesting in that the stakes did not seem as high as I am used to. The danger did not seem as life or death and the ending ALMOST felt forced. I didn't see the Night Hawk as being that violent or willing to go that far up to that point and his decision to go after the person he did seemed forced as well. The way they "trapped" him in to going there was a bit weak in my mind, too.I liked the stuff about Jesse and his ex-wife. I find it interesting that Parker continues to combine the Jesse Stone world with the Sunny Randall one. In my mind, Jesse is Tom Selleck and it's hard for me to see him with Sunny, who in my mind is WAY younger, but that is my issue and not one with Parker or his writing.I enjoyed this book- it was a FAST read, as all Parker books are for me- and it was engaging. I love the dialogue and the characters most of all. The plot is just there to give me an excuse to read a Parker novel. If you love Robert B. Parker, you will enjoy this book. If you are a first timer to his work but love mysteries, this may not be your cup of tea.