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The Silver Linings Playbook (movie tie-in edition)

The Silver Linings Playbook (movie tie-in edition) - I loved this book.Read it in less than 24 hours, so for those of you that can rip through a book, this is one of those, just FYI.Read it before I saw the movie (have NOT seen the movie at this point), so I can't compare the two.I usually cannot STAND first person but I don't think this book would have worked without a first person, unreliable narrator. I loved Pat's voice and I felt for him through the whole book, despite knowing that he hasn't always been a good person, despite when he makes mistakes or does bad things. I felt for him and felt like I was with him, and I wanted him to get better (although I NEVER wanted him to get back with Nikki, just to be clear).I loved the ending and felt like it was a perfect fit for the book. An excellent read.