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Keeping Sweets

Keeping Sweets - Cate Ashwood Eh.Repetitive sex. The author needs to do a bit more research into m/m sex- didn't spend nearly enough time on stretching to make me comfortable, especially when one of the main character is a virgin.I would have liked the book a lot more if there had been a lot of non-penetrative prep for Evan before his big sex scene on film. Bran buys him the plug to help stretch him out so it will be less painful for his first time- this is not a joke, and yet Evan never uses it. This actually could have led to a fantastically hot scene where Bran helps him stretch himself out and get the plug in place. I've read similar scenes before and they can be SUPER hot. But no dice here. Disappointed.There were lots of missed opportunities like that. Instead, we get Evan, who has no experience but can deep throat like a pro and doesn't seem to miss a beat with anything. He just jumps in, has no issues at all, and can take a porn star's dick in the ass right away, on camera, and come from it the first time, no issue.Yes, i get that this is a book, and a fantasy, but it didn't work for me like it must have worked for others. I think you can be more realistic and still be hot. In fact, I find that sometimes being more realistic can be hotter. I wish that the author had gone for real, instead of fairy tale.And we got the same blow job scene like three time. Bored. Bored. Bored. Bored.Some of it was hot, some of it was not, was expecting a lot more from a book set on a porno shoot.