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Paradise Valley (Virgin River, Book 7)

Paradise Valley - Robyn Carr I bought this book because of the blurb on the back. I hadn't read a Virgin River novel in a while and when I saw Robyn Carr speak at the Orange County Chapter of the Romance Writer's of America meeting, I decided that I wanted to dip my toes back into her world.Wounded warriors and hurt/comfort are majors buttons of mine and I was really excited to see that there was a book in the series that seemed to hit those buttons dead on.The problem is that while the back of the book says that the book is about Rick and his injury and Dan and his quest for acceptance, I found that to not be the case when actually reading the book.Yes, I understand that these books are ensemble pieces and that there are more stories than just what is on the back of the book. But come on, we don't even meet Dan until page 60 or so and Rick doesn't actually make a physical appearance until page 93. Then, it seems, the focus is on Abby and Cameron. Who I LOATHED. I HATED THEM as characters. She's an idiot and he's a pushy, know-it-all who never ONCE felt like a real person to me. The focus on their relationship over that of Rick and Liz was really sad for me. I bought the book for Rick and Liz and I got stupid Abby and 2-dimensional Cameron.I was sad that Dan's chance at love felt tacked on and very much an after thought. I wanted more about him but didn't get hardly anything UNTIL he could be used as a means of getting Rick over his shit.All in all, I think a lot of this book was mishandled and poorly constructed. There were moments that I really enjoyed, like the relationship between Walt and Muriel, but on the whole, I was disappointed and annoyed.And because I was so disenchanted, this was the first time I ever really noticed Carr's habit of having her men talk like Dr. Phil as opposed to people we all have met in real life. Yes, I get that romance novels are all about wish fulfillment and that there are many women out there who want their men to communicate as clearly as we see in Carr's books.However, I think that the preachiness and the know-it-all nature of many of these characters just got old for me. I think anyone who has read all of the books in the series so far would prob. like this book a lot. I, however, did not.