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A Walk to Remember

A Walk to Remember - Nicholas Sparks The issue I have with "A Walk To Remember" is the same issue I have with all of Nicholas Sparks' books. Nicholas Sparks.He's manipulative. He knows what will push certain people's buttons so he writes a book that will push ALL of them for an emotional response. Young love, deadly diseases, death- these are all things guaranteed to hit a lot of people close to home and Sparks does so with abandon.He's incredibly heavy handed with the Christian dogma. It feels out of place here and reads like a text intended to convert readers. Not what I want out of a novel. IT also feels a bit odd, as many of Sparks readers who consistently come back to his books are already True Believers and the text simply felt like a man preaching to the already-converted choir.Jamie reads like a Mary Sue- the perfect girl who can solve all of Landon's problems and in a sense SAVE HIS WORLD forever. I found her to be very shallow, missing a lot of what should have made her human, esp. in the situation she was in. She had desires and dreams that she was never going to see accomplished and yet she didn’t seem to care very much. Both Jamie and Landon felt very flat and even as they moved through the story and experienced different situations, I still felt like they were puppets in a play, being moved buy someone behind them rather than making organic choices as PEOPLE. I saw the film first and decided to pick up the book, based on how I felt about the movie. I almost couldn't finish the book. Heavy handed, preachy, first person (but not well done), poor writing craft- there were a million reasons why this just didn’t work for me as a book.The film version of this movie took out a lot of what I didn’t like about the book and expanded on the sections that I DID like. I love the idea of a love that can transcend death, the idea of people falling in love even if fate will force them apart sooner rather than later. I, in fact, LOVE the various plot devices that Sparks uses, I just dislike his execution of those ideas and wish that everything could be put through the Hollywood machine to clean up the story, finds the strong parts, weed out the weak and give us the best story possible. I wish Mr. Sparks could find an editor brave enough to do the same to his books.