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Wizard's First Rule - Terry Goodkind My feelings on this one are very tainted by the show, "Legend of the Seeker". Characters in my mind looked like those on the show and not always what Goodkind described. Which I feel is a good thing, or at least can be a good thing.There were a number of elements in this book that I felt were dragged out for too long. It felt very jerky- things would move along quickly, then slow down and drag. The ending was very rushed, in my mind.I'm not sure what I feel about the "big reveal" about Richard at the end of the novel. It seems very tacked on- a last minute addition to the story. I am also a bit miffed that Rahl was "defeated" so easily. It's so obvious that he will be returning in future books that this 820 page monster almost felt like a waste of time.All that said, I was drawn in to Richard and Kahlan's star-crossed love, Rochard's journey to find who he is, his terrible adventure with the Mord Sith. There were moments when I just couldn't read fast enough. I will be picking up book 2 in this series but it will be a library book, not a purchase.