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The Shadow Queen - Anne Bishop I loved this book, though I wasn't expecting to. I had really enjoyed the first books in the series and was concerned that characters that I loved would not be involved in this story.To my delight they were in the book but what made me even more happy was that I loved the new characters as much or more than the original ones.My only disappointment was actually a fairly large one, and that had everything to do with the end of the book. It felt as if nothing was resolved. It felt rushed and hurried, as if the author realized that she had reached a page number cap and had to finish things up in a hurry.The issue with Saetan felt weird and out of place. The deal with Daemon and the woman who would try to blackmail him, etc. felt like a very weak threat, based on other threats that they all had faced. Granted, the issue with paternity was a big one but I never felt the true weight of that in the way that I'm sure the author intended. And for Saetan to go so crazy as a result felt very...out of character, as did the amount of effort and danger trying to get him back supposedly would result in.If the issue was that big, why was that story line only introduced in the last 150 pages of the book?I really loved Cassidy and Gray as characters. I didn't expect Gray to be the love interest and was pleasantly surprised when that turned out to be the case. But I was disappointed when that story line was left hanging. While I understand her point was that people can't become who they once were, there was a lot of talk about putting pieces back together and mending him and so on, so I assumed that there would be a discussion between he and Cassidy, that there would be a recognition of his healing or his journey BY HIM before the end of the book. Instead, we had outside perspectives on his behavior and the reminder that he still behaved like a teenager/child. I wanted more, if only that there was a path he was traveling and HE knew it as well as everyone else.I wanted more resolution with Cassidy as Queen. Gray has "convinced" her to stay with his garden, but that felt like such a weak scene, based on the importance that her being the Queen has held for the whole book.The incident at the landen market was too little, too late in my opinion and opened up so many doors that seem to be ignored.Boiling it down, the end felt like the middle of a much longer book, with smaller resolutions that opened up doors to bigger problems and bigger answers. The characters were very rich and had so much more story in them, I was sad when the book ended and not only did I have no more time with those people but I feel that their stories were ended too quickly and without all the fanfair and true story telling that they required.This was especialy upsetting, as the first three books in the series took way too long to tell their story and wasn't nearly as interesting to me as Cassidy and Gray's story was in this book.There is a part of me that wonders if the next book won't answer more of the questions that I have about this story and hopefully we'll see more Cassidy and Gray but I won't hold my breath.