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Sandpiper - Ellen Wittlinger I really liked this story. It was a very fast read- I started it this morning and finished it in the evening, with work in between. First person narrative but well done- I never felt like throwing the book across the room due to clumsy navigation of the POV.I wanted to think that everyone was blowing (hah!) her situation out of proportion- she gives a lot of boys blow jobs and moves on and people start to see Sandpiper as a slut. She gets a number of boys angry at her and one of them becomes violent. But the more I thought about it, the more true and honest the whole thing became. When they're getting head, high school boys love it but once it's over, you're a slut, more or less. I liked the characters, felt that the drama of the family story was very real. I liked Rachel and enjoyed the fact that she felt like a real person. She's the interloper, in a way, but she was kind and nice and had her own concerns that she was trying very hard to work through. The fact that Sandpiper reacts to Rachel in ways that were both real and not as extreme as some YA novels get really worked for me and made me like Piper all the more. My only real complaint here is that the end felt rushed. The resolution with Walker- his backstory, how Piper's dad knew who he was, felt a bit deus ex machina even though there was the setup of Rags going to the courthouse. It just felt almost too easy, esp. for the size of Walker's Major Trauma. Adrienne's character change felt weird as well. She was so selfish and self centered in the beginning and felt like a completely different person by the end of the book but not in the sense that she had grown over the course of the narrative, more like the author had finally decided how she wanted to write the character and instead of changing the beginning, just kept going from that point in the book.Now, I like that Adrienne took Walker in. I like that Piper's family rallied around him for trying to help her. But all of that felt so last minute, as if the author realized that she needed to resolve it but wasn't sure how to make it work and just tacked it on.I'm a bit upset that there wasn't resolution to the rape case. I get that what the author is trying to do is look at choices and consequences and learning to make the right ones but I wish that she had resolved Derek and his lies. Simply having the bitchy grandmother say that no court would believe the guy is not a resolution of the case and having seen way too many episodes of Law and Order, it didn't make me feel any better about their chances in court.But all in all, I really liked Piper. I loved the poems that she wrote. I thought the Walker was a cool guy and I liked him- it would be interesting to see something from his perspective. I know that this isn't the kind of book that gets a sequel but I would have liked to see a continuation from his end.