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Chasing the Bear - Robert B. Parker I'm pretty disappointed with this book.On the one hand, I liked looking back at Spencer's life when he was a kid. His father and uncles were really great and made complete sense, in terms of who they were based on who Spencer came to be.However, I felt that the story itself was somewhat lacking. I didn’t like the bumpers with Spencer and Susan. I didn’t like the picking apart of Spencer's motives and the psychobabble nature of Susan's comments felt trite to me.What I really wished the book would have been was a complete dive into Spencer's life with a bit more of an adult take on the story. We know that Parker can write a tense story of a man in the woods being hunted- what would that have been like with Spencer as a boy? We know that Parker (and Spencer) deals with kids pretty well- look at Paul and his relationship with Spencer.I was hoping for something along those lines but did not get it.I felt that the incident with the Mexican boy in Spencer's class felt tacked on and not structured in such a way to be really believable.I recently read Parker's "The Boxer and the Spy" and found that his take in that book on high school politics and teenage behavior to be much more believable and entertaining.I have loved the Spencer character for a very long time and have always felt that if Parker was going to touch on Spencer's past and really dig into it, that I wanted a thick novel, a mystery of some kind and Spencer being Spencer. That idea is not this novel.