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Death Troopers - Joe Schreiber This had a very different feel than a lot of Star Wars books. It really could have been set in almost any space-based sci-fi world, despite the Star Wars "words" thrown in every now and then.Until Han and Chewie show up. On the one hand, they are very big reminders that you are in the Star Wars universe and yet, you know that they are going to be fine because this book is set BEFORE "A New Hope". No real suspense there- we know they get out but the question is how?I did love the language of the book. It was very evocative and visceral- the imagery was very clear and gruesome. It felt a lot like "The Stand", in terms of the disease itself.I just wasn't as scared or as worried as I should have been.The other element I had a hard time with was the fact that the experiment and the disease itself were supposedly created at Darth Vader's direct order. But this doesn't really seem like something from his playbook. Despite the explanation given, I had a hard time understading what purpose this project could really have and what it would do for the Empire.The end felt a bit rushed and somewhat tacked on. While I did not expect Han, Chewie, Trig and Zahara wouldn't "deafeat" the zombies, i was expecting something more ominous to happen at the end. They get out but the ship is still sitting there, waiting for the next sucker to come along.The idea of the zombies getting off the ship was pretty terrifying but we all know that there are no zombies in the Star Wars movies- what place could these characters actually have and how far could we expect them to really get? I almost felt like the ending was setting up a sequel novel, which would have been interesting, esp. if Vader had to deal with the results of his own project.But no. They just dropped dead when they got so far from the ship.I don't know. I was there with the author so many times and I was on edge for much of the book but I can't say that I was ever really scared. The OC's were fairly good and I wanted them to be okay but I still didn't have the kind of connection that I should have with people in their position.The single time we get Chewie's perspective was pretty cool- that doesn't happen often and it was great to see him portrayed as not human but still very intelligent- just different. It was a bit disappointing that we didn't get more from his side, especially when the zombie Wookies attacked.This is worth checking out- it's a very different kind of book for this universe and was refreshing to read. I just wish that it had been scarier and had more consequences for the world.