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On My Honor - Marion Dane Bauer I read this book recently while working with a tutoring student. She picked up the book, she said, because she was told someone died in it. A bit morbid but it got her reading.I think this book is a conversation starter. The story ends before the real consequences of Joel and Tony's actions can be felt. Yes, we know that Tony is dead but there is no body yet. We don't know if the teenagers that tried to help find Tony have made reports of their own to the police. We haven't seen Joel have to face his peers after this event.The question that was on my mind was really about what does Joel do now? He was a part of an event that was the result of two people making bad choices. One of those individuals is now dead, the other left behind to face the music by himself. What is that like? What will that look like for Joel?I wondered, after the book was finished, how Joel turned out as an adult.I think that's a great testament to this novel- I've thought about it after I was done reading. It left an impression on me and told me a tragic story that I could see actually happening in the small town where I was raised.There were a few moments where the writing and the language choices felt very blunt, which makes sense for a YA novel and yet I've read other books that were a lot more florid in their prose and a lot more subtle with their point and yet were still powerful and moving books.This felt very much like an After School Special without the moralizing that those movies often had. It felt like that lesson was still in Joel's future.The ending was very sad to me and yet hopeful that this boy who was so worried about losing his father's love was shown that his father still loved him, despite his bad choices.