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The Boxer and the Spy - Robert B. Parker I really liked this book. A lot. My only issue (and the reason for 4 stars instead of 5) is that I didn't feel that the house situation was resolved well enough for me as a reader. Yes, I understand that from the perspective of the protagonist, he may never have that information. But as a reader, I really wanted to know how many houses, how did they think they were going to get away with it, how many had they sold, etc. I loved Terry and Abby. LOVED THEM. I felt that their conversations and their dialogue had a very real feel to them. They weren't on the nose about anything, really, and I could believe them as kids. They were smart, they were more grown up then most adults give kids that age credit for and yet, they WEREN'T adults. The choices that they made were incredible. I liked that Terry got involved because he just didn't believe that Jason would kill himself. So he starts asking questions and as he runs into more and more road blocks, he becomes more and more determined. He wasn't a kid who had dreams of being a detective. He didn't pretend to be a cop. He is simply a kid who needs to find the answers, including what it means to be a man and an adult.Abby was great. She feels the same way re: Jason's death and offers up what she could- a network of people who were willing to help, for whatever reason. I felt that she and Terry were a good team and I can see them together in the future, even as they mature even more in adulthood.The very gentle love story aspect really rang true for me. The balance of physical needs and wants with the understanding that the emotional may be more important- that was fantastic.I felt that the villains were actually scary in a very real sense. There was a sense of danger, that there wasn't anything that could really protect these kids if Mr. Ballard really wanted them dead- even if they weren't fully aware of the real danger, the reader WAS.I liked George. He had a touch of the "Magical Negro" character to him but I felt that he was actually sketched out a bit more than, say, Bagger Vance. He had some really great lessons that Terry needed to learn and it didn't feel a preachy as it could have.The drug information did feel a bit info dumpy, although that made sense in the context of the scenes that it was presented in.This did feel a bit "Spencer Lite" but that was okay. I really love Spencer as a character and the idea of exploring a character with similar belief systems who is following a similar path but BEFORE he gets to the point in his life like where we met Spencer- that's really intriguing.I love Parker's style. I think he has such a way with dialogue, with people and with story that I'll pick up any book that he wants to write. There are flaws here- it's not perfect- but it's a fun, fast read that does have depth and heart. I'd love to read more about Terry and Abby.