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I'll Be Home For Christmas - Adrianna Dane I have to be upfront and let you know that I could not finish this book.I have been a slash reader in fanfic circles for years and I was REALLY excited when published m/m romances started to really pick up. I love reading hot and steamy m/m love scenes and was initially excited to pick this book up.The plot and the characters pushed a lot of buttons for me, so I was all in. The idea of the military man and the cowboy just really, really does it for me, to the point that I have started writing one of my own. I also love the plot line of the reunited lovers who have to overcome something from their past to be together. This book had all the elements that I need to have a fantastic time.Until we get to the first sex scene. Even I, as straight chick, know that just using spit is not going to work for anal penetration. It dries out too quickly and it can cause pain and tearing. This is the kind of thing that newbie fanfic writers do and then they are taught better by people who know.There are a number of guides to writing m/m sex scenes out there, many written by actual gay men. It's all about the research- had the author done any at all, I would have finished reading the book. But it was clear that she had not and so, I did not. And will not read any additional books by this author in the future.