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Debt Free For Life: The Finish Rich Plan for Financial Freedom - David Bach I liked the book a lot, although it really isn't new material. I do like that Bach has gotten away from the "good debt, bad debt" stuff and is focusing on getting rid of all debt.As I don't own a home or have any student loan debt, there were two chapters that really held nothing for me but other than that, it was a pretty helpful book. I had read the Automatic Millionaire before and so was familiar with Bach's basic system but it was great to get a refresher where the focus was on digging yourself out.Not as passionate or motivating for me as reading Dave Ramsey's book was but still a good one.I was a bit annoyed that there was a who chapter devoted to a product from Equifax. It made me question some of the material and the reason for some of the advice in the book, as though it was all a sales pitch. I don't really believe that the book is just a sales pitch but the chapter on the Debt Wise program was pretty heavy handed.I did, however, sign up for the free trail and was shocked at how low my credit score is right now. That made me rethink my sourness on the Debt Wise chapter a bit.All in all, a quick read with helpful advice.