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Sweetheart - Chelsea Cain I still love Archie. But I don't like how Cain retconned Archie sleeping with Gretchen. I have a very hard time believing that the Archie we saw in Heartsick was capable of cheating on Debbie. In fact, I was fairly sure that Cain specifically mentioned that Archie had never had sex with Gretchen, even though he was having sexual fantasies about her. To make that major of a character change just felt wrong to me.I do, however, love just how dark and twisted Cain's brain appears to be. She really likes torturing Archie and taking him to dark, nasty places. There are some writers I know that have a hard time hurting the characters that they create, not wanting to do anything bad to the creations that they love. I, however, ADORE torturing my characters so I felt that Cain was a kindred spirit.I am not excited about the fact that Gretchen is still out there. I am assuming that the next book will be about her capture and the next book will be about some other way that she finds to screw with Archie. I really think it would be better if Gretchen was dead, to be honest. Her legacy will be around for a long time- I don't think that she personally still has to be kicking it for that to be true.I am sad that the love story of Archie and Debbie is over, at least that's how it felt at the end of this book. The fact that Archie slept with a serial killer, knowing that she was in fact a killer, does seem like a death knell for their marriage. I do think that Debbie and Henry would be a good pair, although the info dump that he and Claire are together makes that seem a bit of a stretch at this point. I don't know- there were many things that bugged me about this story but many things that made me want to stay and read the whole thing. Cain just hit on a few of my bullet proof story kinks and I just can't NOT read this series.