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Evil at Heart - Chelsea Cain I liked this book SO MUCH Better than the last one, even though I think that overall the story is much weaker. But there was less Gretchen, which I was glad of, and I was happy at the distance that Archie is starting to make for himself.I think it was weak that Gretchen was, AGAIN, connected to this killer. It's starting to get old and predictable.Susan had a serious case of the stupids in this book. I mean, really. For someone who was almost killed by two DIFFERENT serial killers, you'd think she'd learned something but she really hasn't. Other than to NOT call the police so she could get a good story. Archie's life is different- some ways good, some ways bad. I was disappointed that Cain didn't play out the kidney issues that almost killed Archie at the end of the last book. It seems like it was hand-waved away, which always annoys me in a series, but not as much as the revelation in the last book that Archie had an affair with Gretchen before he knew that she was the Beauty Killer.And you'd think that after all these issues, that I wouldn't like the book and yet, I really had a good time reading it. I was willing to push things to the side to find out what happened next, which makes me feel kind of dirty but whatever. I'm going to read the next book but I am kind of dreading it, now that Gretchen is back in custody.She needs a bullet in the brain, stat.