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Raylan - Elmore Leonard I was somewhat disappointed in this book, but it isn’t Leonard’s fault.According to some reading I’ve done, it seems like Leonard let the show runners read an ARC of the book, allowing them to take plot points for the second season of the show. If that is the case, and after reading the book it seems pretty clear that it was, the book ended up being a weird read.I felt like I was suffering through literary deja vu. Plot elements that I recognized and yet, they didn’t go in the directions that I recalled from the show. Sometimes that was fine- I really like that Otis’s wife shot Carol, because, boy, did I think he had it coming.But the deal with the Crowes. I don’t know what I would have thought if I had read the book first, to be honest. I liked Mags Bennet and her boys, and as I read the book it all just felt wrong to me, a large part of that because she was missing. Purvis was just not the same.There was a disconnect for me that kept me from fully engaging in the book, like I had with the previous stories in the series, and I think it was that I was constantly comparing the book to the second season of the show, which was super distracting.This read, to be honest, like fan fiction. It felt like the stuff that gets written during the summer hiatus, when you hear about a new character coming to the show but you haven’t seen their episodes yet, and the writer’s just guessing. Then, when the show actually hits the air, you get Jossed- the show takes things in a totally different direction. That’s what this felt like to me, despite completely understanding that Leonard got there first and wrote this first.I honestly wish this had been published before the second season, as I would have enjoyed myself a lot more if I didn’t have anything to compare it to.Someone else mentioned that it was like reading the later Dexter books, if you watched the series, and I would agree with that completely. My other major issue with the book was with Jackie’s story line. I liked her as a character and would love to see her on the show. However, I felt like her story line was tacked on, and that the female bank robbing crew did not get nearly enough “screen time” to do them any justice. That was, in my opinion, some of the worst character work I’ve read in Leonard’s stories.I also felt weird about Raylan’s relationship with Jackie. I didn’t believe it for a second. Based on the previous books, and the show, I don’t believe that Raylan would fall for her that quickly with so little to go on, and I don’t think he would act on it when she’s technically a wanted fugitive. While Leonard is quick to point out that Jackie is 23, I still felt kind of gross about Raylan having sex with her.I wish that Jackie had her own book, because I think the character and her story is really fascinating and could actually support a much longer story on her own. I’m not sure what part Raylan actually had to play in getting her to the table where she wins all the money. He seemed more like an afterthought in that story, than anything else.I also wasn’t sure what Raylan thought he was doing at the club, at the end, leaving the car running. A US Marshal walks into a bar, knowing that a guy is there, gunning for him, and he leaves the car running? Where the hell do you think you’re going after you shoot the guy, Raylan? You really are going to leave that scene? It felt very out of character for him and didn’t sit well with me.Now that I’m thinking about it like this, I wish we had touched back with Angel and made sure that he got his kidneys back. That story line was super cool and I hope that the show uses it- the danger that Raylan was in was pretty solid and I wasn’t entirely sure how far things were going to go before Raylan got things back under control. I found it really interesting that in all three stories, there was a female mastermind behind what was going on. Leonard always writers really interesting characters and this book was no exception. I was thrilled that we got so many women, even though, again, I thought that the bank robbing chicks could have had more time on the page.I’m not sure if I would recommend this book to fans of the show, esp. if you have seen the second season. I found my prior knowledge to be distracting. If, however, you have not yet watched season 2 of Justified, this would be a much better read, and then, hopefully, you’d start watching the show.