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Moon Run (Wolf Town, #3) - Joely Skye This one was a disappointment.I bought it because I’ve recently gotten sucked into Teen Wolf/Sterek fic and I was interested in reading more stories about werewolf shifters, alphas, etc.This was not what I wanted. I think this story is a short that fits between two longer pieces, although I’m not 100% sure on that one.I wasn’t super excited about the alpha/beta/omega dynamic in this story. Might work for others, but wasn’t what I was looking for and seemed far more complicated than it really needed to be.I was torn about Iain. I was interested in his childhood issues, which weren’t dealt with or really explored in this book. Since this was his book, I was hoping to get more of that, although it’s possible that it happened in a previous book. If so, disappointing.I found him to be pretty wimpy, until he makes the decision to go after the bad guy.I didn’t really understand his misunderstanding with Teo- I didn’t really feel where it was coming from or why he was so convinced that he (Iain) was being used, etc. I didn’t see anything in Teo’s behavior that would suggest that he was that kind of guy, and we didn’t get a lot about Iain to explain why he would think that in the first place.We were told a lot of stuff but what we were told didn’t 100% mesh with what we were shown re: the characters actions.I was also mad that the actual book ended at the 79% mark, and then there was a sample from the next book. I’m okay with a 5-10% sample but 20%? I BOUGHT Moon Run and I wanted a full story, not a novella and a sample. The fact that I didn’t really like the book made it worse- not only did I think the story wasn’t very strong, I felt cheated. Mrs. Skye could have fleshed out the characters, the action, the details, the sex but instead, I got a part of the next book. Ugh. No.In the end, I found the story to be pretty boring, mostly because I didn’t really feel any kind of real connection to the characters and never felt invested in the actions that they took. Would not recommend and would not read any more books in this series or by this author, unless I got a really strong rec from a trusted friend.