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Headed for Trouble - Suzanne Brockmann I'd really like to give this a 3.5.I was hoping for more, to be honest, although I liked most of the stories and a few I REALLY liked. I am starting to find Jules and Robin to be a bit... deus ex machina, in terms of what they add to the story, if that makes any sense. They seem to exist only to solve problems, to be there to make everything better without adding any of their own complications. Even in the story where Jules comes to help Sam and they get jumped in the street because Jules is gay, that seemed more tacked on to that story than a real danger, esp. since Jules pulled out his bad ass fighting skills anyway.Don't get me wrong, I love Jules just as much as any other fangirl, but this combination of stories just made it more clear that after a certain point, Jules and Robin just... fix stuff. Robin gets things because he's famous, Jules gets things because he's... Jules. I don't know if I can explain it better than that.There were two longer stories here that I just didn't connect with as much as I wanted to, for two different reasons. The first was "Home Is Where The Heart Is Parts I and II". I was really turned off by the first part of the story and Jack's initial suggestion, that he knock up Arlene to help her stay stateside and get out of the Army. It just really turned my stomach, no matter what good place it was coming from.Unlike Sam and Alyssa, and Jules and Robin, I don't really remember these characters so I didn't have any emotional connection to Arlene and Jack to give them any leeway for being kind of assholes. I was actually going to put the book down at that point.It was only my love for Suzanne Brockmann's previous writing that kept me reading, I have to confess. I got over my initial sour stomach, and kept reading but I was never really completely invested in their romance or relationship.Because of that, the story seemed to drag on and on and on. This was where the whole Jules and Robin thing kind of got to me. Oh, yeah, we'll fly them to Vegas, I'll call in a favor. Oh, yeah, I'll just get him off the plane first, I know a guy, who knows a guy. We'll take care of it. We'll do a thing, call a guy, whatever, pay for the laser tag place, etc.The last 15% of the book was filled up with a short story from her new series (which I have already read and enjoyed but was hoping for something I hadn't read) and an excerpt from the new book, which I have also read. Since that book came out over a year ago, I would have hoped that the excerpt would have been for something that would be coming out in the future, not something that was already in the discount bin at the CVS (sorry, Suz).Anyway, I did enjoy most of the stories and it was nice to revisit characters that I haven't spent time with in a long time. It made me want to go back and re-read a few books in the series, which could be super fun. I think this book is really for the super fan, as opposed for a new reader to the series or to Suzanne as an author.