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Here With You (Laurel Heights, #8) - Kate Perry

Closer to a 3.5 than anything else, let's be fair.I picked this one up at the recent RWA conference because it looked cute. I liked the cover and I thought the premise sounded like something that pushed a lot of my storytelling buttons.I was right. It was cute, in all the right ways. It had enough weight to not be annoying- I enjoyed the subplot of the teenager trying to get over her mother's death while finding love of her own- while not being heavy.I have always been a fan of the trope "old friends fall in love" or "old loves come back together" and this was a nice version of that.I did think that even though the author actually brings it up in the book, the fact that when the supermodel tells the tabloids that she's engaged to Grif, the fact that Nicole actually does get mad about it did annoy me a little bit. I felt like she was doing so well to not fall for that trap and then failed to communicate when she really needed to do a good job at it. *sigh*All in all, I felt like it was a fun, fast, light read that I would pass on to anyone who likes a quick romance.