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The Unapologetic Fat Girl's Guide to Exercise and Other Incendiary Acts - Hanne Blank This is a fantastic book for those of us who have ever felt like we can't get out there and move our selves because we're fat, whatever level of fat that means.There is a lot of "rah rah" here but it's not bullshit or trite, it's soild and meaningful and really does have an impact on your self esteem. The advice is real- how to get off the floor, for example. If you lack trunk strength and you realize that you can't get up, that could be embarassing so this could be seriously important info.Some of this info did not apply to me but I still felt like the intention behind it mattered to me.Worth the read for my self worth, honestly.If nothing else, this book is worth it for the resources at the back. There are links for all kinds of stores and companies that sell QUALITY workout clothing for fat girls that want to WORK OUT. Some of these companies I had never heard of and might never have found on my own. I like that they have all been vetted and that I know that the clothing is quality.I have never minded paying for quality, and if I know that a sports bra will reign in the boobs AND last for a long time? Oh, yeah, that's worth QUITE a bit of money.This book was worth purchasing and will get quite a bit of use, at least for the resourse section.I will also be using the workout construction section, at least over the next few weeks as I try to create a new program for myself.If you're fat and you want to move your body, for you and not for anyone else, pick this one up. You won't regret it.