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Prodigal Son - Debra Mullins Full disclosure, I was a beta reader on this book. Would really give this a 4.5. Rafe is my kind of hero. *guh* Cara is the kind of woman that… drives me a little crazy. I’ve never liked how much she lets her step-brother walk all over her and while I understand that without that element, she wouldn’t have met Rafe and we wouldn’t get the character growth that we see in the book, it still just bugs me. The sex in this book is hot. HOT. I’ll-be-in-my-bunk hot. If you like that kind of thing.I like that while the overarching Atlantis plot is not resolved and there is more revealed that pulls the story forward, there isn’t a frustrating cliffhanger at the end f the book that makes you want to throw it against the wall. It’s a satisfying ending while also making you curious about the next story in the series. Just how I like books in a series to be. I enjoyed it thoroughly and found the world that Deb created excited and one that I’d like to spend more time in. Like many other books, I found some of the side characters SUPER intriguing, almost more so than the main characters, and can’t wait to read THEIR books (*hint hint Deb*), esp. Adrian. Hoo boy, does that guy need his own book.All in all, would rec this to anyone who likes a good paranormal romance and is looking for something fun and different from your average vampire/werewolf fare.