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The Party Boy's Guide to Dating a Geek

The Party Boy's Guide to Dating a Geek - Piper Vaughn, Xara X. Xanakas

This was a pretty cute romance and for the most part I liked all the characters, characterizations, etc.However, I did not like how the plot line with Ty was just dropped. Ty is supposed to be Ash's best friend and he gets all weird all of a sudden, for no reason, and that NEVER gets resolved. As it looks like this is supposed to be a series, my guess is that Ty will be book 2, but you know what? It's not handled well here and I feel cheated. Their relationship was important to Ash in this book and it was made front and center a number of times as part of the Ash and Fee story, so why is it okay to use Ty when necessary then but to just drop him without explanation before the end of the book? Not cool and I feel cheated. My other complaint was about the dark moment of the book. While I felt like it was well done, in terms of how dark it was and where the authors were willing to take Fee and his family I felt like Ash was pretty stupid and selfish, and frankly not worthy of the risk that Fee took on Ash's behalf.Ash never ONCE considers the fact that there could be any other reason as to why Fee doesn't want to take him home. That there could possibly be any other reason beyond Fee beyond ashamed of Ash and who Ash is (or isn't, as the case may be).Ash lives in the real world, and he's been gay a long time, in the American gay community. You're telling me he's never seen someone disowned or beat up for being gay? He's mentioned before how lucky he is that his family is so accepting, which says that he knows that other families AREN'T, so why doesn't he go there?Because the AUTHORS don't let him. Either that, or he's SO self-centered that he's not worthy of Fee's time and effort. And either option is disappointing.When Ash goes to see Fee, his reaction is what I would have hoped for, but it's the "too little too late" reaction of the person who has done the wrong thing and I was super disappointed in him and in the book.If it weren't for that, this would have gotten 4 or more stars.