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Rough Weather (Spenser Series #36)

Rough Weather - Robert B. Parker To be honest, this wasn't my favorite of the Spencer novels. I felt like the danger and the urgency to find the kidnapped girl just wasn't there.Obviously, there was something else going on with her abduction. Spencer knew it and the reader knew it. However, there wasn't a sense that Spencer was really all that concerned about her whereabouts or her safety. That kind of bothered me. It almost felt like because RBP knew that the girl was safe, it bled over onto Spencer. Hawk was, as always, amazing.This was a page turner for me, as are all of RBP's books, even though the story didn't really have me as hooked as I have been in the past. This was one of those cases where the life and the world of Spencer held my attention more than the mystery.Did anyone NOT see the Gray Man as her father coming? This was an okay novel, with some exciting action at the beginning. Nothing to write home to mother about.