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Kill the Dead (Sandman Slim Series #2)

Kill the Dead (Sandman Slim Series #2) - I really, REALLY loved the first book in this series. I loved the voice, the characters and the story itself. I forced Bear to read it and he loved it too.We were SO PSYCHED when we saw that the sequel was out and that it was available at the library. We waited to a long time, as our poor (literally) library only had one copy. I've finally got and finished this book and I have to say, all the hype (made by me or otherwise) has left me disappointed.This felt like an "Empire Strikes Back" kind of story- the middle of a trilogy that doesn't resolve the story and leaves you wanting- but without the kind of punch that ESB had.The book took entirely too long to get to the zombies. Way, WAY too long. And then the finale with the zombies felt like it came out of nowhere and was a bit anti-climactic. There was plenty of time in the book to get to the zombies faster and make that entire storyline deeper and more important than it turned out to be.The misdirect about Lucifer as Stark's father was good but not fantastic, although if he HAD been Stark's dad I would have been done with the series entirely.The whole "Angels are dicks" thing is getting old- Supernatural does it better and with more style. There wasn't enough with the Vigil or Alita for that whole spin to really work for me.I think Allegra needed and deserved better than what she got here, as did almost every other character outside of Stark.There was a lot of filler, not enough meat.I don't know. I mean, I like Stark and I like this world and for the most part, I enjoyed the book. But it wasn't what I wanted or expected and maybe that's all on me. However, this was a let down.