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The Good Boy

The Good Boy - Lisa Henry, J.A. Rock I liked this one, a lot.Normally, the age gap here would have been an issue, but I didn't have a problem with it, and I'm not sure why but the relationship between Lane and Derek just worked for me.I really felt for Lane, from the beginning, and I never doubted that he was innocent. That was the thing that felt kind of off to me, was the authorial push that perhaps there was something there that Lane was guilty of when the POV changed from Lane to Derek.I also felt for Derek. His anger put him in a bad place and he made a bad choice, when faced with Lane on the desk, when he took the picture. The thought process that we watch him walk through before he meets Lane, and then what he goes through after, really make Derek a real person with real feelings, no matter how ugly they are.I didn't like Derek in the beginning, mostly because I found the way he left Lane alone at that house so sad, but the way that his feelings changed the second he saw that Lane had been hurt really let me know that he was an okay guy and that he would be a good Dom for Lane.The slow build of trust between them really worked for me, and the comparative storyline of the dogs, although pretty obvious, was a sweet one.I never thought that I'd like the puppy play stuff but in this case, I found it kind of hot. Or a lot hot. It was interesting how that play allowed Lane to work through some of his issues (but not everything, which I was glad about- there wasn't a perfect ending).I liked how his parent's theft of the money, the bad experience with Acton, and the new relationship with Derek all twist together into Lane's story.All in all, I thought this was a good story with some hot sex. I wish there had been MORE hot sex, but when is that not the case? ;)